Old Flame Chapter 1.0

Special Agent Blair Morgan secured her Glock firearm in the harness strapped to her leg and lowered her flowy lavender dress as she stood. “Do I really need a gun on each leg?” she said into the empty hotel room. Anyone who heard her talking would think that she was going mad, but little did they know…she was speaking to her colleagues through a tiny microphone in her brooch.

“Yes, Blair, you do.”

Blair rolled her eyes when her partner, Luca, replied to her silly question. She shouldn’t have asked because she knew the importance of being well armed, especially in a situation where help would take a few minutes to arrive. She hadn’t been able to secure any extra invitations so none of the other agents were able to attend the wedding. The bride, Melody’s, mother owned her own catering company so they weren’t even able to sneak in as caterers. She didn’t like being alone but she knew that if the worse happened, she could handle herself.

“Let’s just hope that it doesn’t happen,” she said.

Luca’s voice came back in her ear. “What was that?”

“Nothing, Luca,” she replied.

Blair stood before the full-length mirror by the door in her hotel room. She admired the finished look which she’d spent all morning trying to pull off on her own. Her long, honey-brown hair flowed in loose waves over her bare shoulders, barely touching the top of her off-the-shoulder dress. Gold studs glistened in her ears and accentuated the sparkle in her hazel eyes. Nude lipstick kissed her heart-shaped lips and she folded her lips once more to get it evenly distributed.

To say that Blair wasn’t much of a dress girl was an understatement. She absolutely hated all the frills and having to act like a lady…oohing and ahhing and all that. She’d been a tomboy since the day she was conceived. Her mother’s fractured rib while pregnant was a testament to that. She was so not looking forward to the pompous atmosphere of a wedding but duty called and she had work to do.

“All set?” Luca asked.

“All set, Luca,” she replied. “Make sure you guys are listening to my cues. These people are known criminals and I have to be careful of what I am saying.”

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